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Ghost in a Teeny Bikini [2006][DVDRip]

Director: Fred Olen Ray
Guión: Brett Kelly, David A. Lloyd, Jeff O\'Brien
Intérpretes: Christine Nguyen, Evan Stone, Nicole Sheridan, Rebecca Love
Productor: Kimberly A. Ray
Fotografía: Max Thornburg
Montaje: Dean McKendrick

Fantástico y divertido musical que recae en la figura de Muffin Baker, una chica que recibe la ayuda de un fantasma. La historia empieza cuando Muffin recibe la herencia de un tío millonario.

The Naked Detective [1996][TVRip]

Director: Ernest G. Sauer
Writers: Ken Dashow (screenplay), Ken Dashow (story)
J.B. Gardiner, Julia Parton, Gregory Tracy, Taylor St. Clair, Camille Grammer, Ken Dashow, Carolyn Renee Smith, John Altamura

Low-rent private dick Sam Drake is called on to identify which heir is trying to kill a wealthy old man. At the old gentleman's mansion, he encounters an assortment of beautiful women who in turn engage him in all sorts of unpredictable and zany sexual situations spoofing the detective genre clichés.

Deadlock: A Passion for Murder [1997][DVDRip]

Director: Richard W. Munchkin
Writer: Steve Tymon
Doug Jeffery, Shauna O'Brien, Bobby Johnston, De'Ann Power, David Elliott, William Knight, Ashlie Rhey, Doria Rone, Charla Driver, Kevin Knotts, Maeve Malone, Bob LaVetta, Jim Adelstein, Skip Cook, Tania Mejia

Un detective es asignado para investigar un caso en el que un magnate de la pornografía, ha sido asesinado brutalmente. Ahora todas sus “chicas”, son sospechosas de asesinato.

Pleasurecraft [1999][DVDRip]

Director: Franklin A. Vallette (as Franklin Vallette)
Writer: Louise Dunkirk (screenplay)
Juan Carlos, Billy Riverside, Paul Johnson, Richard Burns, Vincent Kessler, Brandy Davis, Taimie Hannum, Amber Newman, Shayna Ryan, Andrea R. Hargitay, M.C. McCurdy

Three crewmen of star cruiser Prometheus fall in lust with the three women they are transporting as cargo to far off planet to be offered as brides. Do they honor their pledge to deliver or follow their hearts?

Allyson Is Watching [1997][DVDRip]

Director: Robert Kubilos (as Bob Kubilos)
Writer: David Keith Miller
Caroline Ambrose, James Horan, David Andriole, Jack DeLeon, Sean Thibodeau, Jennifer Hammon, Barbara Morrison

Innocent, sexy Allyson leaves her boyfriend Peter to go to acting classes in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles she rents a room in an apartment building from the grumpy Mr. Merry next to the resident working girl, Bridget. During the day Allyson struggles with her acting lessons at arrogant Eric Constantine's acting school whilst at night she plays with herself as she watches beautiful, confident Bridget through the keyhole servicing her clients. In class she meets professional photographer Jerry who offers to shoot her a portfolio. Eric asks the pair to rehearse a hot scene as an exercise for class. In her apartment Jerry gets carried away rehearsing and attempts to rape Allyson. Luckily Bridget rescues her just in time and later when Eric discovers what has happened Jerry is thrown out of the class. Eric continues to rehearse Allyson as this scene is, in fact, for a real part in a film. Allyson draws on Bridget's extensive experience as a prostitute to help her in the role. One night a ...

viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2014

Atomic Hotel Erotica [2014][DVDRip]

Director:Dean McKendrick
Writer: Dean McKendrick
Krissy Lynn, Sophia Bella, Mary Carey, Eric Masterson, Ryan Driller, Frankie Dell, Michael Gaglio, Frankie Cullen

Three couples receive a mysterious "All Expenses Paid" invitation to the exclusive Atomic Hotel Erotica where all your fantasies come true. Only trouble is the Hotel is run by a creepy group of Satanists! You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave! Written by lehnsher

L'infermiera... di mio padre [1976][DVDRip]

Director: Mario Bianchi
Writers: Adriano Asti, Delia La Bruna
Daniela Giordano, Enzo Monteduro, Francesco Mulé, Maria Pia Conte, Salvatore Puntillo, Bianca Toccafondi, Elio Stefanizzi, Lina Franchi, Ettore Arena, Vito Cardascia

An old man's spirits are lifted greatly when he finds that his new personal nurse is a spectacularly beautiful, volcanically sexy young woman.

Illegal Affairs (Divorce Law) [1993][DVDRip]

Director: Michael Paul Girard
Writer: Michael Paul Girard
Jay Richardson, Monique Parent, Christian Noble, Patricia Skeriotis, Tamara Landry, Dennis Lau, Cyndi Lewis, Patrick Fitzsimmons, Augusta Lane, Lisa Comshaw, Sheila Redgate, Avalon Anders, Deborah Dutch, Garro Ellis, David Jean Thomas

How can anyone expect a fair divorce case when all the lawyers are out to do a little hanky-panky on their own? A comedy about physical attraction with sexual content.

Blood Scarab [2008][DVDRip]

Título original: Blood Scarab
Año: 2008
País: Estados Unidos
Director: Donald F. Glut
Guión: Donald F. Glut
Música: Terry Huud
Fotografía: Roberto Correa
Reparto: Monique Parent, Del Howison, Brinke Stevens, Tony Clay, Natasha Diakova, Cindy Pucci
Productora: Frontline Entertainment
Género: Terror | Vampiros | Erótico
Sinopsis: La Condesa Isabel Bathory, es una mujer que hace siglos, se bañaba en sangre y practicaba el lesbianismo con mujeres que después asesinaba.

Con Subtitulos en Español.
Blood Scarab [2008][DVDRip]

Erica's Erotic Nights [2002][DVDRip]

Director: Francis Locke
Writer: Anora Leachim
Country: USA
Duration: 01:28:45
Translation: English
Jannie Locke, Juliet Beres, Robbie Crurel, Darrel Blane, Mara Kelle, Elita Sanders

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